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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Portable Architectural Screen Solutions

An architectural screen made of wire mesh fabric offers interesting design solutions for design projects commercial, industrial and residential. In fact, woven wire mesh architectural screens have a lot of interesting opportunities
wire-mesh-manufacturers-Barbed-wires-for-Architectural Solutions

Monday, 16 September 2013

Conveyor Systems usage in Food Industry

Although conveyor systems are used in most industries with different types of belt such as rubber conveyor belts, is used prominently in the food industry. Some of the most important features of these belts in the food industry are as follows.
fooD-conveyor-belts-manufacturers & applications

Hygiene: One of the major advantages of the use of these belts in the food industry is the presence of bands of hygiene. Foods require a clean and hygienic environment to avoid deterioration.

B2B Dealers

This blog is dedicated to highlighting businesses that have achieved a lot when signing up on B2B sites. We will feature businesses along with their services, products, specialties and contact information.


Business to Business dealers, exporters, buyers and sellers from China, America, Europe, Middle East and More. B2B dealers have seen great success, and many businesses have gone from just being local to the global level.