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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Retaining Walls in floods

The retaining walls is also called storm channel. The small stream in the background is fed by many other mountain streams and sometimes floods the area with terrific force. The farmer who owns the nearby fields likes the water for irrigation, but not when it washed his crop away. The two rows of steel posts were set into the ground and filled with concrete. Wire mesh was attached to the posts and the area inside the mesh filled with filled with field stone and riverbed stone. Note the retaining rods between the rows of posts to keep the weight of the stones from pushing out the sides. When a flood comes roaring through the stones deflect most of the force back into the stream, and some of the water leaks through to irrigate the fields. Retaining wall has four parts and you can build retaining walls with chain link fencing and wire mesh. Those are often used on mountain roads where the amount of mud and rock that falls is minimal, but can still be a hazard to people and vehicles.

Dingwo Metal Products is based in China, and can be seen registered on many top B2B portals, the company has good market share in same of the world's worst flood stricken areas.
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