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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Portable Water Filters - An study

As per my analysis, portable water filters have been spread all over the World. It is obvious that people are much aware of the advantages of keeping such portable water purifiers. Mainly, the people who travels from place to place use frequently. 

Chinese has done advanced research on it. They have used medical class of silk membrane which filters small particles of sand and purifies all kind of colored water into drinking water. Another filter which has been used in it, purifying acidic water, lake water and smelled water as well. 

It has been only manufacturing in China otherwise Its filters have been imported from Japan and Korea as well. It is A class product in the market. Its unique and classical design has attracted number of consumers. It has been specifically used in emergency relief campaigns, militant activities and other tourism activities.
It is very much light in weight, and its tangible. People prefer this water filtering machine at picnic points as well. Its reasonable prices also the point of consideration to buy this filtering machine. It`s filtration frequency is as maximum as no one available in the market. Total time period for changing its filter is after 200 – 400 litres. Personally it is an amazing product I have ever seen in my life.

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