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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Business Expansion through B2B Portals

One of the biggest achievements this era has experienced is the technological advancement. Everything is easy, on the go and fast. The invention of Internet have made everything so easy and accessible that people don’t even go out for shopping now, they buy through different E-commerce websites. There different types of e-commerce channels like Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Customer-to-Customer (C2C).

Out of all, the most commonly used channel is B2B, there are hundreds of B2B portals where suppliers or manufacturers find buyers and vice versa. For example road rolling equipment manufacturers make their company profile on these B2B websites and market themselves, the buyers looking for the advertised machinery then contact them. These B2B portals provide free as well as paid memberships. The most famous B2B websites are Tradekey, Weiku , Made-in-China and etc.

These B2B markets are not just limited to the manufacturers only; even the suppliers, wholesalers, and distributors also use such portals to expand their target markets and experience exponential growth. Big and heavy machinery like construction machinery is famous on B2B websites. A buyer can easily find used machinery on such portals either it be used construction heavy excavators, loaders, bulldozers, forklifts, road rollers or cranes. Everything is available on time.

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Tuesday, 22 January 2013


There are some major specifications of Forklift discuss below. Most of the tenders are on the following format. We are not covering the whole points only some points are discussing here just to develop an idea.

·         GENERAL:
A diesel engine driven, counterbalanced, triplex masts forklift truck with rated capacity 8000 kg at 600 mm load center the acceptable sources are hyster, Toyota, caterpillar, tcm, and doosan

·         CONFORMITY:
He equipment must be manufactured to comply with all relevant provisions of the Saudi Arabian Traffic Regulations, the Gulf Standards Organizations (GS) and other Government regulations in force at the time of delivery.  Where no specific Saudi Arabian regulation exists, the equipment must be manufactured to comply with the relevant standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) or the European Union member states.

·         TOLERANCE:
Standard manufacturer's tolerance for the equipment chassis, body, and all accessory equipment will be accepted, except where other standards or specific tolerances are required by this equipment specification.

Provide a letter signed by senior officer of the manufacturer stating that the spare parts for the offered equipment will be guaranteed to be available for at least 15 years period from the date of commissioning of the equipment.

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Monday, 7 January 2013


As a zealous natural setting admirer, your best option if you're within the marketplace for mini screens is to proceed inexperienced. you must choose ninetieth recycled elements made from aluminum. These high worth aluminum mini screens square measure sturdy and long lasting. several different kinds of elements square measure used within the constructing of mini screens exception from aluminum. These elements square measure natural timber, fake timber and vinyl. You glimpse them in various dwellings and offices. These varieties of screens square measure terribly cheap and ideal for lesser areas.

To give you a lot of information concerning mini screens, you have to be reputed
aluminum composite panel system supplier they're what is more mentioned to as level screens or mini venetian blinds. They arrive in 1/2 in., one in. up to two in. slats. The slats square measure functioned by rod rotation or by wire propulsion. Gap or last, lifting up and reducing down square measure finished by wire propulsion. Some forms square measure conductor and functioned by isolated management. They, therefore easy to determine and guarded to work. With considers to measures, you'll be able to choose a 6' live, 8' live or 9' railroad track. Eight live aluminum and corrugated perforated aluminum panel is perfect after you converse of sturdiness, utility and quality.

When it arrives to cleansing and sustaining, you simply need some easy elements as an example feather duster, supple piece of fabric or sponge, detergent cleaner. With common and traditional scrub or fine covering, you may hold the mini screens in tilt peak form. Cleanliness is that the key element to form your screens routinely wanting like new. During this kind, you may relish its use for an extended time. 
There are other applications of aluminum, a useful product is aluminum honeycomb panels that have vast areas of applications such as in rockets, making pipes etc.

Manufacturing Process of Tower Cranes

Steel sheets, plates and rods square measure use in creating steel structure of cranes, they passes through from machines and production lines so as to provide different elements like Jib operating arm, base structure, units of mast section and operators cabin box  etc. steel wires square measure employed in the producing of steel cable that's use for lifting weight, machine house additionally the most operating unit, it contains electrical motors, safety devices, sensors and alternative mechanical instrument additionally put in during this unit, slewing unit is that the half that rotates tower to 360 degrees it is controlled through motor and kit box. Concrete counter weights square measure places on the subject of slewing unit so as to manage balance of tower crane. These square measure the most elements and units that may be employed in the producing and aggregation of Tower cranes.

Tower crane is moved to any of the construction projects in units, it is assembled at the location of project, and height of tower crane is adjusted in step with demand. After the completion of project tower crane is dissembled and moved to alternative sites.

Tunisia Aluminum Import/Export

Different countries have different trade policies with respect to their national interest and related factors. Today I called one of my business prospects and learned one fact about Tunisia which related to aluminum profile supplier. I contacted him after reading his inquiry somewhere so I contacted him in this regard and spoke in length. 

He told me that he liked products but the only problem is that the trade regulation doesn’t allow him to import goods from China. He asked me if we can ship goods to Dubai and then from Dubai to Tunisia. Now this sounds like losing the prospect right away however at that time I told him that I need confirmation from my authorities. Later I confirmed with my export manager and she told me after checking with their freight service provider that they need to confirm the port with him because ZARZIS is one of the ports out of 4 ports in total, where ships can be delivered from China. 

This shows that Aluminum extrusion supplier specifically from China can do business in this North African region using ZARZIS PORT. Africa being a developing region having high demand for metal specially aluminum for construction and selling purposes. Even the buyer belongs from same sector where they are already manufacturing aluminum profiles but being an international trading company they are also importing goods and selling them under their name.

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