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Monday, 7 January 2013

Tunisia Aluminum Import/Export

Different countries have different trade policies with respect to their national interest and related factors. Today I called one of my business prospects and learned one fact about Tunisia which related to aluminum profile supplier. I contacted him after reading his inquiry somewhere so I contacted him in this regard and spoke in length. 

He told me that he liked products but the only problem is that the trade regulation doesn’t allow him to import goods from China. He asked me if we can ship goods to Dubai and then from Dubai to Tunisia. Now this sounds like losing the prospect right away however at that time I told him that I need confirmation from my authorities. Later I confirmed with my export manager and she told me after checking with their freight service provider that they need to confirm the port with him because ZARZIS is one of the ports out of 4 ports in total, where ships can be delivered from China. 

This shows that Aluminum extrusion supplier specifically from China can do business in this North African region using ZARZIS PORT. Africa being a developing region having high demand for metal specially aluminum for construction and selling purposes. Even the buyer belongs from same sector where they are already manufacturing aluminum profiles but being an international trading company they are also importing goods and selling them under their name.

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