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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Marketing a Tyre Changer through Inbound Marketing

One of the cheapest modes of Marketing is Inbound Marketing which is also called as marketing through the Web. Nowadays almost everyone has email addresses. 1 out of every three in the world is using internet. According to a new E- Marketer report, “Worldwide Social Network has 1.73 billion million users. All the aforementioned tools can be used for effective marketing of Tyre Changers.

For Web Marketing one must have a URL address, without a website Web Marketing will fail miserably, it has to be make sure that there is a website of the company mentioning attributes , specifications of the product as well as of the Company.

Website has to be eye catchy. For this purpose its color theme must be selected wisely keeping the product line in the mind.

Once the Website is made then E-mail marketing should be started. For E-mail marketing one should be careful what to write and how much to write.

Here are few tips for tips for writing an effective E-mail:

1. Keeping your product in mind, which in this case is Tyre Changer, list down some main and added features you are offering like size of tyre or anything which clicks in the mind of client.

2. Mention your price. Price should be quoted after doing price analysis of the Tyre Changing Manufacturer industry.

3. At the bottom mention the necessary requirements you want from customer like MOQ, Destination where order needs to be delivered etc.

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