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Monday, 3 June 2013

Stone Mosaic Tile – Best Option for Remodeling

If you are looking for an easy to use yet luxurious redecoration, then Stone Mosaic tile should seriously be considered as the best option for remodeling. Stone mosaic tiles have many advantages when it is compared to conventional tiling methods.

It may sound strange that these mosaic tiles are made by grouping similar small tiles onto a 12" x 12" glued on a mesh back. The interesting factor is that the origin of these stones - most of them is extracted from various South East Asian Islands. There are plenty of applications given by this unique tiling technique: 1) Internal and External flooring b) Bathrooms c) Kitchens and d) backsplash etc.

Having stone mosaic tiles will give following benefits:

- Their surface are usually flush and are safer to walk to most hard flooring as they are slip resistant.

- These tiles can easily be adjusted to very small/narrow surfaces.

- Durability on extreme temperature such as stoves and around fireplaces.

When it comes to the installation, stone mosaic tiles is quite easy like many other mosaic tiles. Usually a professional tile is recommended to install any tile to avoid any mishaps.

Foshan Emart is a manufacturer of marble mosaic tiles, swimming pool tiles, hand painted tiles, etc.

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